Tyler Stover



Manhattan Beach, CA


Home break: 

  El Porto, Manhattan Pier, 1st Street (MB)


Favorite spot:

   Rincon, Malibu, Waikiki, Swamis, Cove,

   Scorpion Bay


How 'bout an experience that really stands out in your mind .


One of the best days ever was a day with me and my buds surfing rincon for the first part of the day, it was about 8 foot with sets in the tens, we scored at the right time and got some epic tubes and some waves that were just huge, once we had enough poundage for a couple of hours we took the coast road back and hit up malibu for 3 to 5 foot waves with the smallest crowd I have ever seen at Malibu. Best day of the winter season

What about your hairiest day?

In Mexico, my uncle has a two houses there, and we went down and were going to surf at San Miguel, a local right hand point outside of Ensenada. We got out to check the surf, only to see the locals chucking rocks at this guy, the guy did his best to block the rocks form hitting his head, but had to sacrifice what looked like a brand new board, I looked at my uncle and said were out of here. Locals are Kooks

Anything else to share?

Our cross country team placed tenth in the Califonia State Champs, Mike Geib makes the best boards hands down, go to Hawaii, and don't be a KOOK.