Robert Rose

(Lopaka Loke)


Pearl City, HI


Age:  39


Home break: 



Favorite spot:

   Makaha, Maili Point, Nanakuli Tracks


What are you into, Lopaka, and how do you spend your spare time?


I enjoy a wide range of out door sport. Biking, running, golfing, swimming, and racquet ball. I find adventure in learning new things. I like to live my life to the fullest everyday in everything I do, but most important I always keep my family first and foremost before anything else. Besides that I like to just surf, shape boards, and at the end of the day, play with my dog's (Pittbull's) or just sit and play Hawaiian Music on my ukulele.


How 'bout an experience that really stands out in your mind.


Back in 1981 I was surfing at Maili Pt. Hawaii. The waves were about 6 to 8 ft. I took a left and got lock into a barrel with no way out. Not only did I get pounded on the reef, and have a major scar on my back, but that was my first near drowning experience.


What about your hairiest day?

I was surfing Makaha in a HASA (Hawaii Surfing Assn.) contest in 2004. It was a solid 8 to 10 ft, I took a steep drop on one of the waves in my heat, it was a pretty close call and I almost got crushed, but I made it out of the pocket. I ended up finishing 3rd in the finals so it was worth it.