Courtney Bannerman



Redondo Beach, CA


Home break: 

   Hermosa Beach


Favorite spot:

   PV Cove, SanO




What about your hairiest day?

So we were in the Islansd last year for spring break and the people we are visiting say they know of an awesome secret spot that is off the end of the runway on Hickam Airforce base. Since they are in the navy, we had no problem driving onto the base. We pull up and see some nice sets coming through, and decide to paddle out -- at least a good mile and a half paddle to the break. The wind was blowing pretty hard that afternoon, and it ended up being pretty choppy and felt much like trying to surf in a washing machine. I was sitting a little too far on the outside, and my dad kept calling me in. I just assumed he wanted me to get closer to the peak, but then I heard him telling one of the other guys that he saw a shark fin. I'm used to little sand sharks back home, so I didn't think anything of it, just paddled closer to him. After a couple minutes my dad said it was time to paddle in, so we started on our way (keep in mind we still had a mile and a half paddle ahead of us) Little did I know, there was an 8 ft. hammerhead hangin around out there with me, and only several seconds after I had started to paddle in, the thing breeched a wave RIGHT where I had been sitting. Needless to say, everyone cleared the water, and we will forever refer to that break as "Hammerheads"

Any special thoughts?

"Moisture is the essence of Water...and Water is the essence of Beauty" --The Great Derik Zoolander