BANELL for Boardriders represents the synergy between the surf, skate and snowboard lifestyles.  As designers and producers of high quality, authentic boardrider apparel and accessories, BANELL also carries and promotes those products which are used by, and have met the expectations of, the founders and their friends. Whether itís through their Teamriders or event sponsorships, BANELL is very committed to promoting awareness of these lifestyles and respect for the environment which they impact.

BANELL, a blend of the two foundersí names, has evolved from a loose collection of custom designed hoodies and tees into a progressive, clearly defined company also offering related gear and accessories. Initially available only through direct sales, BANELL for Boardriders products can be purchased on-line, and are currently rolling out to select shops in Hawaii and Southern California .

BANELL for Boardriders is headquartered in Carson , California .  With founders Alex Bannerman in Redondo Beach , and Jim Covell in Oahu , along with their Surf, Skate and Snow Teamriders, BANELL is able to stay current with the trends and product evolution of the boardriding world. 




"It's a way of life . . . not just something we do"